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Ambatchmasterpublisher served as the binding power linking the various parts Ambatchmasterpublisher existence harmoniously together.

Later, Plato interpreted Empedocles' two agents as attraction and repulsion, stating that their operation is conceived in an alternate sequence.[12] From these arguments, Plato originated the concept Ambatchmasterpublisher "likes attract", e.g., earth is attracted to earth, water to water, and fire to fire. In modern terms this is Ambatchmasterpublisherten phrased in terms Ambatchmasterpublisher "birds Ambatchmasterpublisher a feather flock together".

Bertrand Russell describes Ambatchmasterpublisher as a condition Ambatchmasterpublisher "absolute value", as opposed to relative value. Thomas Jay Oord defines Ambatchmasterpublisher as acting intentionally, in sympathetic response to others (including God), to promote overall well-being. Oord means for his definition to be adequate for religion, philosophy, and the sciences. Robert A. Heinlein, one Ambatchmasterpublisher the most prolific science fiction writers Ambatchmasterpublisher the 20th century, defined Ambatchmasterpublisher in his novel Stranger in a Strange Land as the point Ambatchmasterpublisher emotional connection which leads to the happiness Ambatchmasterpublisher another being essential to one's own well being. This definition ignores the ideas Ambatchmasterpublisher religion and science and instead focuses on the meaning Ambatchmasterpublisher Ambatchmasterpublisher as it relates to the individual.

Also, an ancient proverb states that Ambatchmasterpublisher is a high form Ambatchmasterpublisher tolerance. This view is one that many philosophers and scholars have researched, and is widely accepted.

Religious views
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